Faded splendour and steaks in the capital

It’s been two weeks in Buenos Aires.

My good friend Jose has put me up in his amazing work space/studio in Recoleta. Perfectly located in a friendly neighbourhood, most of the touristy things have been a walk or short bus ride away.

But the first week I was glad to just rest. It was a luxurious feeling, knowing I didn’t have to put any miles in, and the lure of reliable WiFi connection and nearby supermarket meant I was happy to spend plenty of time at home.


La Bombonera – home of Boca Juniors

Sophie arrived on the 25th. In the 8 or so days since, we’ve ticked off many of the suggestions a guide book would recommend. A couple of impressive art galleries, a few steaks, a spot of tango and (my personal favourite) a walk around the La Boca neighbourhood to take in the colour and passion of the world famous football club, Boca Juniors. We visited the dead at the Recoleta cemetery, walked around the botanical gardens and took a day trip to Tigre, where we cruised along the river in a wooden boat.


Casa Rosada – the President’s office

Many of the cliches you may have heard about Buenos Aires are true – the drivers are crazy, there is a sense of faded splendour, excellent wine does come in a less than £5 per bottle, and yes, many of the people really are that attractive. But there were plenty of surprises for me as well – people have been warm, welcoming and generous (none of that anti-Englishness I’ve heard so much about), there are plenty of green spaces (granted, in the wealthier parts of town), and I’ve not once felt threatened by crime.

It’s challenging to try and distil two weeks worth of sights and sensations into one blog post. Perhaps at some point later in the trip I’ll write a little more about my time here. For now though, I’m excited to be getting back on the road tomorrow morning. We’ll head west toward San Rafael, in Mendoza province. The town is supposed to be beautiful and there are white water rapids that hopefully we can raft down. After that, we’ll take the route 40 south to Tierra del Fuego and the End of the World.


Caminito in La Boca


Recoleta Cemetery









I can’t wait.

Vida! Saúde! Felicidade!



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