Sensible decisions

There was an afternoon when we were faced with a dilemma: we were at the entrance to a tiny village, with only 10 miles to the closest town that promised food and a higher chance of finding a decent place to pitch camp for the night. Reaching the town would make the following day easier, with less of a distance to ride. But there were storm clouds gathering. Should we risk the weather and push on for the next hour, or stay in the tiny village of Fortuna where there didn’t seem to be any shops?

storm clouds gather in Fortuna

storm clouds gather in Fortuna

We settled on staying in Fortuna. Right choice. Not only did we escape what turned out to be a deluge that Noah would have thought impressive, we were taken in by Gladys: a kind-hearted grandmother figure who fed us chicken and gave us a bed for the night.

Making sensible decisions is always the right choice.

Vida! Saúde! Felicidade!


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